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Hip, happening and hound-friendly By Aurora James

Hip, happening and hound-friendly: Where you and your dog can make the scene in Seattle


Over the years, Seattle has gained a reputation for its cutting-edge social scene and an eclectic assortment of restaurants and watering holes. It’s the city that gave us Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, the “flying fish” of Pike Place market, and some of the finest sushi bars this side of Tokyo. So it should come as no surprise that a city that made Redfin’s list of hottest neighborhoods, and that’s as open-minded and progressive as Seattle should be a dog-friendly haven, with an array of establishments that cater to the city’s “dog crowd.” Whether you’ve just purchased a pooch or you and your furry friend recently moved to Seattle, you’ll find there are few parts of the Emerald City that don’t have a dog-friendly place to eat, drink, play or shop.

Wetting your whistles together


Norm’s Eatery and Ale House is Seattle’s flagship of dog-friendly dining. If you’re a dog owner, what could be better than a restaurant named for a dog, a golden retriever whose likeness graces the entrance? A quick glance around and it’s readily apparent that dogs rule at Norm’s. It’s a well-known meeting place for people looking to hang out together and enjoy some classic pub grub with their pets. If you like Norm’s, don’t miss Belltown Pub, a bar with its own doggie menu. Dogs can eat right alongside their owners at the table, dining on a fresh selection of Pacific salmon, free-range venison and chicken and sweet potato.

Seattle wouldn’t be Seattle without a coffee bar for dogs. Bark! Espresso, located in the Pinehurst-Northgate area, caters to their patrons’ most sophisticated caffeine preferences. You can sip lattes and macchiatos in the Hound Hangout lounge while your pooch pal enjoys a special concoction made of peanut butter and rice milk. And be sure not to miss the dog-related art that lines the walls.

Canine carousing

Dog parks are as much a part of Seattle as the Space Needle or Starbuck’s signs. There are acres and acres of off-leash parks in the greater Seattle area, a true testament to the city’s love of dogs since the surrounding water and mountains limit the amount of available flat land. One of the most popular is Magnuson Dog Park, near Windermere, a 9-acre space where you and your pet can romp at will along the shores of Lake Washington. Redmond’s Marymoor Dog Park offers a little bit of everything, including woods, fields and a river, where dogs can dip their paws and cool off a little after a game of Frisbee.

One of the most scenic dog-friendly sites is Dr. Jose Rizal Dog Park, near downtown. You can take in a breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline while you and your dog enjoy a stroll and some outdoor bonding. South Seattle’s Genessee Off-Leash park is a bit different from the other Seattle dog havens. It’s covered with gravel, a valuable feature in one of America’s rainiest cities, offering ready access to area hiking trails.

Shop ‘til you bark

Dogs can be great shopping companions - they just smile and wag every time you try on something new. Seattle has several dog-friendly shopping venues. University Village Shopping Center is an open-air location where you and your dog can stroll and take in the fashions together. If you’re into farmers markets, take a brisk walk among the veggie and fruit stands at the Ballard or Bainbridge Island markets.

New to Seattle?

If you and your dog are newly minted Seattleites, there are some great resources that help you discover the best neighborhoods to live, dine and enjoy the scenery together.  By exploring the city’s dog-friendly vibe together, you and your furry best friend can find the best parts of your new home.

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