Underground Food Bazaar

Community, food and fun

Underground Food Bazaar

Are you a Food enthusiast? Food adventurer?

Perhaps you would like to try a variety of cuisines in a price friendly communal setting.

Are you a cottage chef? Food entrepreneur?

Passionate about food creation? Looking to expand your catering service offerings or monetize a family recipe your friends keep telling you is restaurant quality?  

Since you are still reading we gather, you have whispered yes to at least one of the questions.....

The Underground Food Bazaar (UFB) happens twice a month by creating a communal space for members to  taste a diverse culinary creations by new and upcoming Seattle culinary talent and  existing restaurants and caterers.  Passionate food entrepreneurs will test dishes that are not presently on their menus in an incubator style venue sharing ideas and gaining valuable feedback.


We will offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cuisine and all kinds of meat centric tasty morsels in a secret location revealed to UFB members 48  hours in advance of an event.  The Underground Food Bazaar is a private event only attended by members and not open to the general public.

It's easy and fun to join, simply add yourself to our mailing list by leaving your contact information in the contact section and check our blog for the latest information. 


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